A Joint Venture of Anima Womens Network and the Catholic Womens League

Subjects Currently Available

If you would like Anima Education to provide teaching in your parish or group, you may request a topic, or you may chose from the following subjects on which Anima Education has provided courses in the past:

  • A walk through the Scriptures (Overview of the whole bible)
  • Apocalypse Now (The Book of Revelation)
  • Answering the New Atheists (Understanding and responding to current atheism)
  • The Books of Moses (The first five books of the Bible)
  • Catholicism (utilising Fr Robert Barron’s DVD series of the same name)
  • Christian Traditions (the origin and history of the different Christian denominations)
  • The Church and the Religions (the relationship of the Catholic Church to non-Christian religions)
  • Connecting with God (The Sacraments of the Catholic Church)
  • The Creeds (The Apostles’ Creed and Nicene Creed)
  • Face to Face with Jesus in the Gospel of John (looking at the personal encounters with Jesus in the fourth Gospel)
  • Faith, Hope and Love: Three Popes, Three Encyclicals (the Encyclicals Deus Caritas Est, Spe Salvi and Lumen Fidei)
  • History of the Church (an overview of the 2000 year history of the Catholic Church)
  • In the Beginning (the first 11 chapters of Genesis)
  • The Joy of the Gospel (Pope Francis’ Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium)
  • Kings and Prophets (the Old Testament books from Joshua to 2 Chronicles)
  • The Last Things (Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell and everything else eschatological!)
  • The New Mass (The new translation of the Mass and its meaning)
  • On Your Mark (the Gospel of Mark in overview)
  • Opening the Old Testament (Overview of the Old Testament)
  • The Popes, the Jews and the Muslims (Interfaith relations under Pius XII to Francis)
  • Prophets in the Lectionary (The writings of the Prophets of Israel that are read at Mass)
  • Reading Romans (Overview of St Paul’s letter to the Romans)
  • Reading 1 Corinthians (Overview of St Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians)
  • Reading Galatians (Overview of St Paul’s letter to the Galatians)
  • Reading 1&2 Thessalonians (Overview of St Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians)
  • St Paul: the Man and His Works (short seminar on the person and writings of St Paul)
  • Stories Jesus Told (Reading and understanding the Parables of Jesus)
  • Understanding the Reformation (Overview and explanation of the 16th Century European Reformations)
  • Vatican II: Reading the Documents (Looking at the six major documents of the Second Vatican Council)
  • What is the Gospel? (Short seminar: To preach it you have to know what it is!)
  • Mary in the Bible (Looking at passages connected with Mary in the Gospels, Paul, Revelation and Old Testament)



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